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Square Deal Committee is in formation in NYC’s five boroughs, and NYS.  Our vision is our mission: Educate, Inform and engage the public.

Welcome to the Square Deal Committee

Square Deal was President Theodore Roosevelt’s domestic program in the United States. Then President Teddy Roosevelt, “a fighter for the little guy” explained in 1910 that Square Deal was to be applied to three basic goals: conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection. These three demands were often referred to as the “three C’s” of “Roosevelt’s Square Deal”.   Square Deal fights when everyone else gives up.

Square Deal Committee was hastily re-established in December of 2014.  Earlier during 2014 and continuously during the year public officials degraded the police officers of NYPD daily.  This took place during a Mayoral election year on a hot button issue: Stop, Question and Frisk.  The harshness of the rhetoric of public officials especially the Mayor is believed to be the single causative factor for the assassination of two New York City Police Officers in Brooklyn, NY.  Police Officers Ramos and Liu were cut down in the line of duty while sitting in their marked NYPD patrol car.  New York City never felt more divided.  Square Deal supporters took to the streets and were front and center in support of our local police in every borough.  The nation was shocked, New Yorkers were rattled and Square Deal Committee was given a new mandate and a fresh new beginning.

Today the Square Deal Committee has been reinvigorated as a non partisan advocacy.  Square Deal is a unique concept, formulated to tackle issues common to us all. All necessary resources will be utilized to bring back a voice to those citizens, lost to a small elite group who are making decisions and laws which hurt our communities.

That is our message. We need your support: as an active member, as well as by providing feedback, with our upcoming forums*, and even assisting with writing our position papers.  We are giving voice to the silent majority.

Our first forum, held in May 2018**, shed light on the plight of small business. It was very well attended and prominent speakers were received with enthusiasm.



— get involved … join us now!



Our committee tackles issues like mental health services, free speech, homeless services, NYS minimum wage, progressive bike lanes, support of our local police, specialized high school testing, critical infrastructure, the law of eminent domain, non responsive government officials and agencies and much more.

Professional communication with Square Deal Committee is important to us.  Opinions are bound to be strong, diverse and the Square Deal Committee applauds those weighing in on both sides of the discussions and the respect everyone shows for our high standards.  We intend to bring our advocacy, our research and reports to the public with the greatest possible decorum and respect.

The Square Deal Committee is a registered Not For Profit organized in NYS.  The Square Deal Committee is in the process of filing for its 501 C3 and awaits its determination letter.   Our application was received by the IRS on 6/28/2018.  

Everyone wants a Square Deal!




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Checks are welcomed. Mail to: Square Deal Committee 237-15 Braddock Avenue P.O. Box 260433 Bellerose, NY 11426-1111 For credit cards see:

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