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Their is a Civics lesson playing out on the NYC political stage right now and William McGurn of the WSJ has captured some of it in his “Main Street” article last week. We used McGurn’s title for our blog entry here.

The Chinese and South Asian communities are being seriously courted by the Democratic Party of NYS and NYC.  However, the NYC progressive Mayor plans to snatch 1,000 high school seats from the hands of these two communities.  The Brooklyn Borough President has stood with the Mayor and then against the Mayor on the SHSAT issue.  Who do you trust?  Both groups want to be able to influence the next Mayor, but what to do?  Both groups know the way to advancement for their children is the SHSAT.  Will they bend to the NYC Mayor and Brooklyn BP Adams or will they help build new coalitions and forge new alliances which could challenge tradition in NYC?  Interesting times.

Adams wants to be the next Mayor of NYC.  However, his stance on the SHSAT is a non starter for these two communities.  Since the SHSAT issue arose Adams in about 48-72 hours had a change of heart when a major Chinese fundraiser was canceled.  Now Adams says he wants to build more schools and open more opportunity of the black and Latino community.  Funny thing happened on the way to the dance, black and Latino’s are leaving NYC and losing headcount in NYC as other ethnics are surging into NYC.  These ethnic groups don’t play the victim card very well, they are proud people.  These groups are made up of hard working professionals, independent business owners and the like.  They aren’t sitting around waiting for the government welfare check to come in.  They are for the most part very proud people and honored to be the wage earner for their families.

Will the Chinese and South Asians believe Adams and others are sincere or is their something more nefarious underfoot to undermining the SHSAT?  These are interesting times when family values are front and center, when working for a paycheck is an honor and sitting on your duff is considered lazy and inappropriate.  Only time will tell if the new coalitions and alliances will be built and organized for a new, New York City or whether the din of old democratic party policies will continue New York City.