While NYC Department of Environmental Protection says it is conducting an investigation (8/2017) into the 188th street watermain ruptures and the City Council representative followed up and wrote to them during the spring of 2018 more and more homeowners are finding that they are up against Goliath.  Everyone is pointing fingers at someone else.

Recently one homeowner on 188th street from the south side of Union Turnpike turned to NYC Eyewitness News (Channel 7’s, 7 on Your Side).  7 On Your Side is examining the abnormal pipe ruptures at a number of different locations in Queens.  The producers have spoken to the NYC Office of the Comptroller.  7 On Your Side provides a link for homeowners to make claims with the comptrollers office.  Click the links to explore what is being said and how to report.

A report from homeowners also states that the DEP insurer AWS is now telling homeowners on 188th they will not process claims in which a second or third pipe rupture happened.

In the meantime, a letter from DEP to one such homeowner on 188th Street has concluded that Verizon is at fault.  Con Edison is also stating that they have no such voltage running underground in that area.  So it appears everyone is pointing the finger at everyone else.

Mr. Joseph Concannon has established an indirect line of communication with Verizon.  Verizon’s environmental attorney is not looking into this matter.  This isn’t over yet almost a year after DEP said it was investigating.