Good evening all:

In a letter dated July 18th, 2018 NYC DEP acknowledges the very unusual activity underground on 188th street.  They cite zero permits for 2016 and an extraordinary 32 permits since 2017 and that’s just the east side of the street.  It took them a year and months to come to this conclusion.  Amazing.

DEP contracted with CorrTech to investigate. CorrTech’s report points to a stray power source.  Really the residents could have saved NYC a ton of money to come to that conclusion.

DEP did an onsite with Con Ed and Verizon.  They didn’t tell anyone on 188th Street, but they said they were there.  The stray voltage is being placed on Verizon Inc.  Verizon is now hiring their own tech to examine the lines on 188th to come to more conclusive opinion and material facts, so we hope.

The clock is ticking and Verizon should make right the costs for construction and damages to property as a result of this sloppy workmanship.

Square Deal Committee