Hi Everyone,

In 2015 then NYC Councilmember Mark Weprin announced voting results for NYC Council District #23 Participatory Budgeting.  After an exhaustive City Council Campaign and raising the issue we have heard nothing.  So I linked in with Reginald Johnson, Chief of Staff of the NYC Council.  I did this on LinkedIn the social media giant.  You can view my conversation with him on this post.

This project is for exercise equipment and space at Alley Pond Park upper and lower levels.  The project is estimated to be $450,000.00.  But voters in the district have seen no movement to speak of since Mr Weprin left office.

We will continue to advocate for this project declared to be a winner in 2015 by Mr. Weprin and also as another valuable resource for our community.

This is the document showing the voting results.  of 2022 votes, this project received 1065 votes coming in second place.  Yet the project has never materialized.

Square Deal Committee is actively reviewing this project and many more.