Square Deal Committee (SDC) was established through an advisory board during January of 2014.   SDC starting point was a series of Support Your Local Police rallies and demonstrations in all of the five boroughs in the City of New York. In the backdrop of NYC at this time was the assassination of two New York City Police Officers Liu and Ramos in Brooklyn, NY.

During the years that followed afterwards Square Deal Committee was inactive and met on occasion.  It wasn’t until the spring of 2018 that new advisory board members energized a new effort to officially launch Square Deal Committee once again.  The decision to move forward with the I.R.S. was made.  The mission was formalized to focus on education and to improve civic involvement.  The advisory board recommended Square Deal Committee be non partisan.  Square Deal Committee will have a unique platform to investigate policy, programs, human life and the impact of many judgements and considerations upon them.  All this to help the public understand the rational or in some cases irrational concepts, policies and practices and to solicit their involvement (civic engagement).

Square Deal Committee held its first successful seminar in Flushing NY during the summer of 2018.  The I.R. S. reported receiving our 501 C3 corporation application on June 28th, 2018.  The I.R.S. report signaled the 180 day wait for a I.R.S. employee to be assigned to our application.  

As Square Deal Committee moves into the fall of 2018 additional high value advisory board members come on board.  This strengthens our ability to communicate and reach the public with our reports.  Sadly as we report our inquiry to the I.R.S. during the end of 2018 is inconclusive regarding our letter of determination.  The United States government is in a partial shutdown which includes non essential workers, aka I.R.S. employees.  An update will be sought and reported as soon as the government reopens.

As we prepare for 2019 our focus will be to resarch the NYC Educational system.  We look forward to our second seminar early this year.

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