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The Square Deal Committee was established in December of 2014 due to the assassination of two New York City Police Officers in Brooklyn, NY. Police officers Ramos and Liu were cut down in the line of duty while sitting in their marked NYPD patrol cars.  Want to know more?  Click here.

Today the Square Deal Committee is a think tank that addresses a wide variety of issues.  Our focus is to educate and inform the public and become their resource for factually correct information.  Please review our exciting internship program.  The internship program is outlined in our Internship FAQ, click highlighted link below:



Who should apply?

Journalist, photographers, reporters, administrators, grant writers, grant managers, scientist, lawyers, doctors, accountants, chemist, researchers, writers, auditors, technology professionals, students, teachers, graphic artists, movie producers, movie directors, video editors, audio engineers, lighting professionals, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, other building trades professionals, virtually everyone.  We are looking to develop NYC Policies and addressing current practices and change things dramatically to protect our fellow New Yorkers.


Rough Roadway – New York City Department of Environmental Protection

The Story:

You’ll be working side by side with our professionals uncovering how the video next to this article could ever happen in NYC.  Homeowners want a smooth road and so do we.  However, this begs the question why and how did it happen?  Who inspected this job?  Why did the roadway sink 3-6 months later after NYC DEP came in and made a much-needed repair?  What is the cost to the City of New York and what stake do the taxpayers have in getting this mess corrected?  Are New York City agencies like DEP being held accountable for outsourcing with private contractors and are they coordinating with other City Agencies like NYC Department of Transportation who would oversee roadway repairs?

Outsourced contractors, long term cost in the millions to NYC, broken vehicles on 90th Avenue because of this sloppy repair job.

Water Main Breaks – New York City Department of Environmental Protection

The Story:

You will meet the homeowners of 188th street in Fresh Meadows Queens.  You will learn of their frustration in dealing with a whole host of City Officials who could care less that these taxpayers had to pay $8,000.00 out of pocket because the City Of New York sat on their hands.  The public policy for broken water mains is clear, the homeowner is responsible and should have an insurance policy which can be found on NYC DEP’s web site.  But what if you don’t know, what if it isn’t mother nature’s normal wear and tear?  What if a public utility company and/or their private contractors are to blame?

Twenty six homes had broken water mains, some twice in six months.  All within two blocks on 188th street.  What happens above ground is important, but what happens below ground can be even more important.  You will work alongside our executives and deal with City Agencies, public utilities like Con Ed, Verizon and many others to uncover the real truths of the electrolysis which was never the fault of the homeowners.  Would you even know electrolysis unless someone showed it to you?  See photo on left.  You will prepare a policy paper which guides NYC Agencies to reform their policies and procedures regarding water main repairs and replacements as well as new construction.  You will show them step by step how it matters to protect and insulate what gets installed underground and just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.


Homeless Crisis – New York City Department of Homeless Services

The Story:

A little know New York State law which requires New York City to establish a beach head for those who claim to be “HOMELESS” will be reviewed and evaluated.  You will interact with State Legislators, City Legislators and grow to understand the challenges in setting public policy in the City of New York.  You will evaluate exactly who is homeless and why and how they got that way.  No doubt this discussion will encompass the state of mental health laws and deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill.  You will examine the laws and policies concerning abused women, returning war veterans and PTSD. Also, how the City of New York coordinates with Federal and State agencies in regard to just these two areas of great public concern.

These topics are challenging and impact millions of New Yorkers each day.  Public policy impacts homeowners, apartment dwellers, co-op and condo owners alike and everyone who comes to visit the City of New York.  It effects tourism and sets the stage for national discussions in when, where, why, who and how’s of public policy.  Are we creating more problems and pushing it down the road or are we solving issues and inspiring our fellow Americans to be compassionate, to deal with and confront the issues of the day head on professionally?

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