Internship FAQ

Why does Square Deal offer an internship program?


Our program offers high caliber college students a positive work and training experience in a field of their interest within the context of the mission of the Square Deal Committee. It provides an opportunity for them to play a part in the formation, development and execution of public policy here in NYC and NYS.  It challenges students to take the lessons of the classroom and apply them to real life.

“We want our interns to take the concepts and theories they were taught at the universities and colleges and turn them into real life solutions.”  Applied Science.

Students will not be wasting time fetching coffee for our personnel; they will be working side by side with industry executives, in the street collecting data, evidence and developing meaningful policy analysis based on actual live data points.  It doesn’t get any more real than this.

When does Square Deal offer its internship program?

Internship opportunities are available year-round.

Is there flexibility with the dates to participate in the Square Deal internship program

Yes.  This will be fleshed out during the interview process.

Is this a paid internship?

We are anticipating a competitive paid internship program.  We intend to be selective and will be in search of the very best.

Are there additional expenses covered by Square Deal Committee?

Maybe.  Each student will be required to furnish a good conduct certificate from their local police department.  The costs vary in $50-$75 range or more.  Their also maybe transportation costs depending on your commuting requirements.  Students should keep accurate records and discuss this during the interview process.

How do you select candidates for your internship program?

We review all applications before conducting preliminary interviews with qualified candidates. We review cover letters, resumes, professional photo and expect three (3) recommendation letters: 1) Chairperson of you major in school, 2) Faith leader in your community, 3) Community member who knows you ten years or more (no direct family relationship). We then recommend top candidates to the department hiring manager in Square Deal Committee. The hiring manager will conduct additional interviews and make the final decision.  All students are to secure a good conduct certificate from the NYC Police Department at 1 Police Plaza.  The cost for this certificate is believed to be less than $75.00.  For students, out of state or out of country we ask you furnish a printed color map detailing your home nation and approximate community area where your residence is located.  All of this information will be the establishment of your personnel folder.  Applications are maintained for 60 days and then shredded if not hired.

Who is eligible to participate in SQ internship program?

We accept applications from undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates.

What kinds of academic backgrounds are required for Square Deal internship program?

Students with backgrounds in all fields of study are welcome to apply. The strongest applicants will be placed within the committee in a position where they can learn and contribute in a way the Lord has gifted them.

How does a student apply for Square Deal Committee internship program?

The candidate must complete Square Deal Committee internship application. Applications for Summer 2018 will open by November 2017.

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